And so it begins …

Now that I have started the whole “revamp my online presence” project, I have jumped in with my typical level of obsession. I keep going until all issues are resolved and things are as close to the way I want them as I will be able to get them with my level of skill (and technology). Unfortunately this means other things suffer, like my already poor quality of sleep and my Brown Dog time. Despite these drawbacks, I am much closer to getting some of the pages I envisioned several years ago.

It seems both my skill level and the software are way behind my imagination.

Eventually I will get all the sites to a level I am comfortable with, and then my momentum will slow, hopefully without stopping. Here is what I have done so far:

[list style=”check” color=”yellow”]
  • This website is fully functional now that it has been remade.
  •  Start with the body → the website has also been completely remade and is now fully functional.
  • thru my eyes by taochild → I had to rebuild the site from scratch. it is fully functional now but far from complete
  • The odd ramblings of a mind that does not quite fit → the website has also been completely remade and is now fully functional. Now I just need to post something!
  • PAX Nation → It is again fully functional, but it also needs a lot of work and probably a lot of modification.

The other websites either do not need much done to them, I have yet to get to them, or most likely I do not know WHAT I want to do with them. My momentum is still strong, so it is likely all of them will get a least a superficial makeover. The next challenges include actually posting things and then getting others to read what I post. The first I have already begun (even if mostly here). The second might be more a matter of luck or accident than anything!

If anybody is reading these posts other than myself (and maybe my family), they might be wondering why I have so many sites. The short answer is: “That is a very good question!”. The long answer is really too long not to require a rather wordy post of its own (which maybe I will do at some point), but suffice to say each site represents a specific area of interest for me, and it seemed easier to me to separate those interest instead of combining them all into one extremely extensive site. I have enough of a challenge getting people to my simpler sites!

Now that I have made a level of progress that even makes ME feel like I have accomplished something, I might have to slow down on the design side an maybe start POSTING a few creations!

Until the next time!

P.S. I am still pretty sure I am talking to myself.

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