Another excerpt

Since I recently shared a bit from one of my books, I figured I would continue the self promotion a little and share a bit from the other one as well. Hope you enjoy this too 🙂

Confused was a slight understatement to what Gusty was feeling at the moment. He had not really had any idea what he expected Sootsayra to divulge, but somehow this had not really entered the realm of possibility. But then again nothing about Gusty’s current situation actually entered into the realm of possibility, despite its seeming to be happening. Gusty was leaning back towards the idea that one of his own screws was so loose that he had lost his marbles.

A question percolated through the confusion, but got lost just as Gusty opened his mouth to ask it. The next thought was stronger, and Gusty raised his finger to firmly state his idea, but it again got lost before it reached his mouth. Gusty took hold of himself and prepared to adamantly say the next thought that made it through, only to once again find his mouth emptily flapping. A thought finally managed to lodge in his head firmly. This thought said “Gusty, you need to sit down!” Gusty, thinking this was wise advice, heeded it and sat down in the chair behind him. It took him only a moment to remember that Sootsayra was actually sitting in the only chair in the room. Unfortunately the memory surfaced at roughly the same time as his bottom hit the floor.

By this time Sootsayra was once again gasping and grunting. The shock of landing knocked some sense back into Gusty, and he found himself laughing right along with Sootsayra. It was not the answer he had expected, but somehow it seemed the right answer. Before long he had tears in his eyes and was rolling on the floor, barely able to breathe himself. Finally both of them managed to regain control. Gusty remained sitting on the floor, looking up at Sootsayra’s amazing eyes that were filled with a glorious mixture of wisdom and humor. The sense of previous meeting as well as a question waiting to be asked returned to Gusty, stronger than before. But he was no longer quite as confused, even if he still had no answers.

“I have to ask,” Gusty said a little breathlessly, “why would you do something like that?”

Sootsayra once again gave Gusty one of those piercing looks. And again slightly nodded, answering another unasked question. “That is the right question to ask, youngling!” Sootsayra’s voice, still gravelly, this time had a hint of what almost sounded like approval. Gusty wouldn’t swear to it though. He wasn’t all that fond of being called youngling, but then again compared to who stood before him, Gusty deemed it a fair label. He waited for more, but that seemed all that was coming.

“And the answer?” Gusty pressed.

Sootsayra just watched Gusty for a while. Almost as if testing him. Deciding that is exactly what was happening here, Gusty mutely accepted the challenge. He could be very patient when he chose to be. It often surprised people how much will power he had when he chose to use it. If anything, he more often had a problem with won’t power. Most saw his easy going nature as softness. Gusty could be quite firm, even stubborn, if he felt he had reason enough to be. He settled into a comfortable position on the floor, relaxed his breathing, and silently eyed Sootsayra back, waiting to see what would happen.