Antacid for the soul

It has been an enlightening several days.

For one it is apparent that my recent jump in visibility for both my sites WAS, in fact, a cosmic hiccup.

Not totally unexpected.

And I had some very eye-opening looks into some very bright mirrors, revealing to me how much junk food I have been feeding my soul lately. My soul too seems to have indigestion.

So what does one do when cosmic indigestion (thanks Tory for THAT image) becomes an issue? Is there an antacid for the soul?

The simple answer is … yes.

When the soul is ailing, when the cosmos has just had a bit o’ gas, there is but one solution.


A cosmic burp will invariable cause something to come into being. And the soul is just our little piece of the cosmos. So if the soul has indigestion, burp something out.

Not the most appetizing image maybe, but somehow accurate.

Unfortunately for a couple of days I was so agonizing over my personal heart burn of the soul, and blaming myself for causing it in myself, that I forgot to deal with the simple fact that only I can heal it. And only I can prevent it from happening again in the future. I just need to change my diet. I have been wondering how to put this reminder into words all day, when lo and behold the universe, who despite cosmic indigestion always knows the right things to say, gave me a shout.

For today is also 100 Word Challenge for Grownups day. Health food for the soul indeed. And today’s prompt is an amazing photograph … more healthy food for creation. So I am getting two posts for the price of one today!

Enough of my inane babble! Following is my bit o’ creation. Hopefully worthy of the soul food that inspired it, and also hopefully a bit of antacid for some indigestion of the soul. Enjoy!

I look in your eyes, what do I see?
A whole lot of you; a slight bit of me.

Eyes are windows to your very soul,
Yet windows can play a different role.

A window does not just expose a view,
Look at it right and it reflects too!

I focus fully and what will I find?
That part of you which reflects MY mind.

Are we really different, or are we the same?
In the window’s reflection the answer came.

In truth, I am you, and you are me.
So maybe it is better to say we are we.