Appreciating the moment …

My room is hot and muggy. The central air just barely reaches it. So I have a few fans to boost the air movement. I am sitting here, with a random selection of music (Pandora) playing . Saying hello to a random selection of friends from all over. And trying to write a blog post. I feel the breeze of the fan tickling across my skin, as the music sends chills through my body. The muggy heat is actually a pleasant counterpoint.

My thoughts are simple. My heart is beating a steady and comfortable beat.


And it feels good.

The thrill of the blood flowing through my veins, the chill of the air across my warm skin, the joy and sorrow and laughter and pain sung in music and shared in conversation, the very beat of my heart … all of it is combining to create a vast sense of well-being that I have been missing for OH SO LONG.

I have found the universe again. Or maybe the universe has found me again. Whatever may have happened in the past; whatever may be in store for me in the future, is irrelevant at this very moment. I am here now. And that is really all that matters.

Life is now. Now is life. Good, bad, ugly, beautiful, sad, happy … it is all amazing because it is happening now. Here. To me.

I remember how to appreciate again.