April Fools!!

I am not much for holidays. I find that most holidays have lost their true essence and now are more celebrated for their sales potential. Some holidays, as far as I can tell, simply exist just for that reason alone. That said, there is actually one holiday that seems to resonate with me. It seems the essence of who I am, and just manages to exemplify the culture I live in.

I of course speak of that glorious spring holiday … April Fools Day.


Sadly, especially in my current status as a professional hermit, I don’t manage to properly  do justice to this wonderful holiday. Gone are the days of torturously funny pranks (if indeed those days ever existed). I am lucky I even know what day it is well enough to recognize WHEN it actually hits for that matter. Fortunately I was reminded that TODAY is the vaunted day, so I can pay it proper homage.

I wish I could relate tales of wondrous humor that happened on this day dedicated to humor (seeing as this is a blog dedicated to humor), but sadly I have nothing. Other than nature playing us for the fool by offering spring like weather for the month of march, yet having a nice sheet of frost about on this, the first day of April. Frost that lasted well into the morning. Or maybe the trick the Boston Globe played on its customers. It seems that their presses went down and the papers were delivered quite late. The Sunday papers nonetheless! How does one start a Sunday without the comics first thing in the morning!!

""I guess my April Fools joke on you all is the pretense that I had a blog post worth reading today! Ha. If you made it this far I gotcha! Ok maybe not all that funny but I also wrote this in honor of day 1 of the Blogging A to Z challenge.

Sorry to bore ya haha!