Aroma Therapy

My routines lately have become very … well … routine. I guess one can expect this with routines. Most of mine at the moment revolve around keeping a Ninja Cat happy, namely Brown Dog (that site seems to be having issues at the moment, but I will include the link for much-needed self promotion). I have not included Brown Dog in the ranks of Ninja Cats because she has her own site already and is spoiled enough as it is. But I digress (as usual).

The typical daily routine:

  • up by 7:30 am to escort B. D. on her morning toilet
  • back in bed by 8
  • up by 9 for breakfasty activity
  • between 930-ish and noon-ish twiddle my thumbs clockwise, then for variety counterclockwise. Do computery things
  • lunch at noon-ish
  • between 12:30-ish and 4:00-ish I resume my pre-lunch activities
  • 4:00-ish escort B. D. on her evening toilet
  • between 4:30-ish and 6:30-ish resume previous crazy non-eating, non-dog escorting activities
  • dinner at 6:30-ish.
  • between 7:00-ish and midnight-ish resume resuming, until sleep beckons

O.K. it’s not much of a routine.

Part of the routiniousness of my routine non-routine involves bagging Brown Dog’s poop to keep the neighbors, the civil authorities, and presumably various lawns happy. Often the bags I have are not up to the task, resulting in some of the poop getting on my fingers.

Finally I get to my whole reason for the post!

Has anyone else noticed how often we do things like, say, smell our fingers when they get coated with something we absolutely know will stink? It’s as if we need to verify that the shit does in fact … smell like shit. It’s an actual reflex for some. Then there are those who will take it to the next step, and stick it in someone else’s face and ask them to smell it. Of course the someone else will do exactly that. With the same LACK of sane reason.

I even have a friend that will smell, gag, and repeat.

I ask you, does this make any sense (even if it makes scents)?