Art (sort of)

Over the past few months I allowed myself to fall into a very negative space. This happens to me on occasion, but as I get older it seems I find it increasingly difficult to climb out of these holes when I fall into them. I also seem to find them more often lately. I am not going to jump into a rant, blaming society for my lack of ability to cope. Society is messed up, yes, but it’s messed up-ness can only affect me if I allow it to. Which, it seems, I do all too often. I have not had either the energy or the mindset to add much content to any of my blogs … until recently that is. I did find myself often rereading what I had posted in the past (mostly on THIS site), and came to a few realizations:

  • I am actually a pretty good writer.
  • When I focus on creativity, my creations can be entertaining, and sometimes even uplifting.
  • I have a lot of opinions.
  • When expressing those opinions, I seem to write the same things repeatedly … if in different words.
  • This needs to stop.

I re-learned that focusing on what I dislike about life only ensures that said dislikes are in my focus. All this does is create a form of tunnel vision, which doesn’t leave room for getting OUT of the tunnel. Therefore I have (once again?) decided to focus on creation. I cannot change a world that I can’t make myself fit in, but I CAN create a world that works for me. If I run into a wall, I will build a door or a window (if I can’t simply walk around the wall). If this proves too difficult, then I will create something else. But I will stop hobbling myself by … well … hobbling myself. One moment at a time … each moment a perfect moment to create something new.

Currently my creativity is in the form of 3D “art”. I am continuing to learn what I can about using Blender, and there is quite a lot to learn. I have been using the curriculum of those who are behind the program (I think). The following pics are what I have created as I learn the essentials of the software. They are not original by any means, for they basically are just me following instructions. But I am the one doing the required steps, and they DO need both understanding and a certain amount of skill … just like building a model comes with instructions but you still have to have skill at building models. Soon I should be comfortable enough to do some of my OWN creations (other than the basic logos I have recently done … including the new one for this site included below.).