#atozchallenge: Crazy is as Crazy does

“You’re crazy!!”

For some reason that particular phrase is aimed at me quite often. I don’t really get why. Sure I used to be called the Test Dummy when I was younger. What of it? And what is wrong with going on vacation and not coming back for four or five months? Who DOESN’T do that? And really folks, food is MEANT to be eaten. Does it really matter if it is still moving? Or that it has a few extra legs? By the way I love walking. And don’t like cars. Who needs a driver’s license anyway?

Crazy? Pshaw!

Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of the internet, I have actually encountered  a few poor, misunderstood souls who have been so wrongly labeled as well. That is one of the advantageous of living in a cave. We can choose our friends wisely. One particular friend turned out to be the long-lost brother I never even knew I had, despite my mother’s insistence that she does not even know who he is. I mentioned him in yesterday’s post. His name as Mark, known as The Idiot in some circles (see what I mean?), and as I mentioned, we have a PLAN. We were not quite ready to announce it to the world yesterday, but now the world must know!

Mark and I have decided to join together on a grand adventure to prove once and for all how crazy we are … NOT.  This is a long-term plan, involving a few years of prep before the meat of the adventure begins. Just to keep the records clear so that everybody can embrace our absolute sanity, we have jointly created a NEW BLOG (making my 5th active blog. hmmm that is kind of crazy. ← IGNORE THAT!) to document the whole journey. Books and movies will no doubt be made. We even went and made a Facebook page to make sure everyone can mocksupport us. For all you FB junkies out there, feel free to like it.

Please stop by the Tail of a Trailand read the first post to get all the crazy details.

A new adventure begins!