#atozchallenge: Fear Jail

I missed my Saturday F post for the A to Z Challenge. And now it is monday so I should also be doing my G post. It also happens to be 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups day today today. So I will combine my F post with the 100WCGU, and then do a separate G post.

I think that makes sense?

Anyway, the 100WCGU prompt this week is:

….as the line was crossed….

I the spirit of life changing, challenges, pushing limits, creativity, and hope, here is my attempt:

f challenge

They put me in a “cage”. Just a square drawn in the dirt – four connecting lines. The other prisoners were huddled in the center, fear widening their eyes. At first a couple of burly guards kept watch, but eventually they left.

Yet none of the other prisoners moved from the center. Odd!

I walked towards one of the drawn lines. I heard several whimpers, and one shrill voice shouted, “Don’t! It will kill you! THEY showed us!”

Always the doubter, I threw my shirt. As the line was crossed  …

… nothing happened.

“One way to be sure,” I said.

I crossed the line.