#atozchallenge: Quietly


The monster resides within.

Quietly it watches. Most moments are just tantalizing bits of motion. Sensations to feed upon. The monster tastes, explores sensation, looking for that …

… that ONE!

The flavor it seeks! The image that charges it. The sound that chills it. The pain that awakens it.

Some monsters watch and wait forever, never satisfied. But some …

… SOME … find THE FLAVOR. The flavor that feeds it, nourishes it, makes it grow in strength and power. Once the monster finds THAT flavor, it always wants more.

money-greedyQuietly searching … searching …

If the monster finds enough, it will grow too strong to contain. It will feed and feed, until it can be quiet no more. Then …

… it EXPLODES into the world!!

This monster has a name. Do you know what it is?

Welcome to the human dilemma.