#atozchallenge: Something

Since I once again got of schedule in my A to Z Challenge posts, I am going to combine one of them with this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups post. That way I am not burdening the blogging world with numerous bits o’ silliness and forcing people to evaluate how much they can really tolerate. The prompt for the 100WCGU is:

…the queue was so long…

In the spirit of randomness, silliness, and the letter S, here is a collection of words that might actually say something. Or not.

What could it be?

I have seen humans waiting for the oddest things. In their infinite craziness, they will patiently wait their turn, along with hundreds of others, each stepping forward mere feet at a time … just to get the latest fad. Humans really are odd.
But this time the queue was so long that it was impossible to know where it began unless you where at the beginning. Something was really important to these crazy but oddly patient people. Movement was so slow that it could take days to get to the front. And the line continued to grow.

What could it be?