#atozchallenge: Unbelievable, vastness, and words (Yep. I cheated.)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]letter-u-capital-letter-alphabet-abc-goldI have seen many wonders in my life. I have imagined many more. Every day I wake up to wonder … the wonder of life itself. When I sleep, my mind wanders in worlds unimaginable, yet they made it into my mind. Humanity is one of the peaks of that wonder. Beyond the incredible combination of tiny particles that ultimately came together in … us … living, thinking beings of incredible complexity, yet also in many ways simple. The fact of us is truly unfathomable, yet here we are.

With so much proof of wonder, how is it that there even exists such a thing as a closed mind?

Belief is the ultimate driving force of the human mind. How we act, the choices we make, the dreams we have, the goals we strive for … these are all defined by the beliefs we have. This means that the bounds of our universe are defined but what we are willing to believe. If we set limits on our ability to believe  we are also setting limits on our universe. Why would anyone actually CHOOSE to do that?

That is the only thing I find truly unbelievable.

v-300The universe is vast, if we are willing to let it be. Or it can be a closed in box. That is solely by our choice. Why would someone choose to live inside a box? That is hard to understand for those who choose the vastness. Is it fear of the unknown? Maybe it is just the preference for comfort. Never having to go outside of well-known bounds certainly does take the risk out of life. Yet without risk we can not really know the true rewards for facing the risks.

Maybe that explains the fear of the vastness. But some don’t even want to acknowledge it even exists. That truly confounds me. To live so completely in a box that we can’t even IMAGINE anything beyond it truly boggles my mind. I personally find it difficult to even visit such a box for too long. But I guess it can’t be both ways. One cannot both seek the vastness, and feel comfort in the box. Fear is the guide there. Do we choose to face the fear, or hide from it?

w14Words are amazing tools. They can plant ideas, or they can crush them flat. The can set boundaries, and with the very next words break them away. Words have the power to lift spirits … or break them. Yes words are a very useful, and dangerous, tool.

But like anything, words have their limitations. Words can be used to describe love, but nobody who has never experienced it can truly understand the words. Wet means nothing until you have been immersed in water. By the same token. light has no meaning to someone who has only experienced darkness, not matter the words used. And how does one describe outside to someone who has lived forever inside? Thus words, like any tool of power, have great strength and great risk.  If we use words to expand the mind; use them as keys and gateways to the universe, then they are wonderful. However if we let the words define the universe; not allowing the universe to expand beyond the limitations of those words … that way lies stagnation.

Don’t use words as an excuse. Don’t be confined by their limitations. Let words be the key to believing the unbelievable. Let words open the door to the vastness that awaits. Fear is only a word. Don’t let it contain you. Live! Expand! Explore! Think![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]