Baby Anti Monkey Butt ( seriously)

Being the non-materialistic soul that I am, I have to admit that most advertising confounds me. Certain things I can sort of see, such as movie commercials to draw one to a movie. But most other ads just make me despair of humanity (if humanity is as totally driven by shiny things as the ads seem to suggest). TV commercials are the worst.  For instance why anyone in their right mind (or with any kind of mind for that matter) will run out to buy a car because you can now check Facebook from its dashboard hand’s free is beyond me. Personally not seeing FBing as sufficient reason to sign your life away for the worst investment invented by man. Or why would someone be interested in a drug that supposedly helps an ailment but will probably cause twenty others, each worthy of installment in a modern horror movie?

So of course yesterday I bought Stella Artois (calls itself a beer – but basically Bud Light … the king of non-beers … with a stick up its butt) because  I was taken in by the commercial. I like shiny things too it seems.

That said, every once in a while a commercial will catch my eyes for the sheer "NUH UH!!!" value. I mentioned one once before, but in my daily drooling stare at the Cartoon Network yesterday I encountered another. I was mindlessly enjoying some random Adult ""Swim show, when suddenly I was brought to awareness by the phrase: Baby Anti Monkey Butt. At first I was thinking it was one of those fake commercials meant to entertain. But no. It is a real product. I immediately noted it down for a blog post, with the distinct thought: "Baby Anti Monkey Butt as opposed to Adult Anti Monkey Butt?"

Little did I know that there is in fact several adult versions of the product.

Yep. The world is definitely ending.