Battle of the housemates

It is odd how opening the doors of Creativity can also let other things emerge.

Or maybe it is not so odd. Seems to me Creativity resides in the same part of the house as Experience and Emotions. If not in the same room they definitely share the hall. So it is no wonder that if you open the hall door to let Creativity out, the others might wander too.

The only drawback to this is that they might fight. And if Experience or Emotion gets too aggressive, Creativity hangs back in its room and sulks.

Sometimes for a long time.

My Creativity was seriously sulking for the last few days. It had been so excited when I opened the doors wide  a few weeks back that it got totally blindsided when Experience and Emotion decided to gang up and jump it.

It was downright depressed. Not only did it hide in its room, but it wouldn’t even get out of bed.  Now depressed Creativity makes doing such things as writing much of anything practically impossible. Especially when Experience and Emotion hang about gloating.

I decided to have a talk with them all.  So banged down Creativity’s door and manhandled it to the living room. Gave Experience and Emotion such a fierce look that they sheepishly followed. We then had a good conversation. After a bit the three remembered that they actually work best as a team. My error was trying to play favorites. So now they are all happy again, wondering the house together and sharing duties. Of course they still like to tease each other occasionally, but hopefully no more sulking.