Billy Joel

I have not really done a pure stream of consciousness post in a while. Today, as I sit in stereotypical writer mode, it seems like a good  day to do one. For those of you who have encountered it before, now is a good time to run. For those of you who have not …

… now is a good time to run.

Once again I am doing the sitting in the Barnes & Noble  coffee shop with computer heating the table before me thang, feeling more authentically the starving artist type because I had an actual computer bag now, and tote glasses as any REAL writer should. Oh and I am kind of hungry (if not actually starving).

We are now talking about the creative process … specifically writing, and how doing it the old-fashioned way (i.e. with actual writing utensils and pulp o’ the earth) differs from using ye old electronic wizards. We being my sister and one of her friends, another woman who is creativity incarnate, whom I just met.

What power in the dreams of others. It is worthy of chills.

What is in a name anyway? Does our name define us? Or do we define the name? Or are they just markers for reference? I have gone by many names in life, some for fun, some derogatory, some actually mine. I answer equally to them, because to me they are just words. Yet at the same time the me that I am seems to change flavor based on the name I am answering to at the time.

I want some chocolate.

We are about to do some communal creation. Hold on folks, this might be world-changing!

20130605-104338.jpgPicture time!

OK this rather rocky stream of consciousness is also a rather winding one. But it is always interesting. I have often said it before and live true to it. Always forward, never straight!

Time to wind this down … to land and see where my feet are standing now. Time to focus on the bit of shared creation that is building off to my right at the moment. For anyone who did not heed my warning to run, I hope you enjoyed the ride!.