Both … neither … everything in-between

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I am writing a book.

This is not news to some, an interesting fact to others, a meaningless mess of images to some others … and many other things to still many other people.

Actually, I am writing several books, but THIS book … this book is special. It is going to be a best seller; nobody is going to read it; both; neither; everything in-between. it may well go down as the hardest book one ever wrote. Or maybe instead it will be nothing more than a children’s learner … a book of letters that imparts a little joy and maybe also a little learning. Or both … neither … everything in-between.

Writing this book is a learning experience like no other. The first thing I have learned … an epiphany that was reminiscent of the sun shining though clouds after days of stormy weather … was that I, me, THIS ONE … KNOWS …

… absolutely nothing.

Possibly the most limiting concept humankind ever came up with is the concept of KNOWING something. Just think how much in the realm of possibility never gets a chance to exist simply because we KNOW it can’t.

Fortunately we who create, we who choose to weave the magics of the cosmos into random bits of coherence, we all KNOW one thing. We KNOW how limiting it is to KNOW. Am I a god? Yes. No. Or both … neither … everything in-between.

The biggest challenge of this book is I won’t know how it ends until … it ends. How is one to write a book that’s ending depends on how it ends? Every chapter has the same issue … sometimes even paragraphs and sentences. There are moments that are re-written before the moment is even over. How does one WRITE such a book?

Yet THAT is the book I am writing. Doesn’t that make me SPECIAL?

Yes. No. Or both … neither … everything in-between.

It seems I am not the only one writing this book. And every author has their own unique vision on how this book will turn out. I am very curious how this book … this SPECIAL book that I/WE am/are writing will turn out.  I/we simply don’t KNOW. But I/we certainly can …


So what shall I/we call this book? That too may be a challenge.

Who is in the photo? Who TOOK the photo? Are we one and the same?

I was positive that a path changing moment was imminent. Kind of scared me until I realized that EVERY moment can be described that way.