Breathe (A “B” post)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Sometimes it seems as if life is just a dream.

In dreams transitions make sense. Connections are clear in a way that to the “awake” mind seem just random.

I think I might be dreaming now. A year ago Bandersnatches … inspired by Alice in Wonderland … a week ago a creative prompt ‘What was the rabbit late for,’ wondered Alice …  inspired by Alice in Wonderland …

Today it all comes together. Another 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, the prompt this week the last ten words from someone’s creation from last week. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Today is the letter B. And I seek inspiration… in the dream …

Breathe in deeply. Breathe out. Embrace the dream …

Perhaps he just needed a moment to dream a dream.
Or more correctly, dream THE dream. He was letting it all overcome him again.

This should not be!

Reality is not what it seems. It is all a dream. He must remember this!
His heart was racing. His fear building! Tension … TENSION! … growing!



It is not real! Just a dream! Just THE dream!

Relax! Breathe! Do not let it take control! You have the power to shape the dream!

He repeatedly told himself this. Slowly (oh so slowly) tension eased. Fear creeped back. The heart began dancing to a new peaceful rhythm.

Just breathe …