Building blocks

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]One of the issues of coming up with crazy ideas, is that sometime the only one who truly understands the idea is the one who thought of it. That does not imply any superiority on the side of the thinker, rather a failure on their part to properly express their idea. I have a sense that I have not quite gotten across what I hope to accomplish here, so will attempt to clarify and see if it changes anything.

The internet has invaded our life to such an extent that even the third world has an awareness of it, and even access to it. Technology has become so ingrained in our concept of progress that we are slowly becoming incapable of living with out computers, specifically computers with networking abilities. The whole concept of social activity and friendship is evolving into a digital thing, or at least has major digital components. And there is no doubt the power of digital communities. Information exchange proceeds at a never before imagined rate, which is both very beneficial to human growth, and extremely dangerous at the same time. Because it is just as easy to spread false information as correct information.

These days, because the internet has gained such power, many are trying to regulate and control it. The thing is the current power structures are the ones trying to gain control. and frankly they are the problem with the world. Greed, for both power and money, and selfishness are the dominating character of ALL world governments and the ultimate result is constant strife; competition for resources that does not take into count the value of life; all for the personal gain of the few instead of the many. The internet is the last bastion of true freedom for the masses. That is unless the current powers that be gain control over it. That is where my crazy idea comes into play.

PAX Nation is meant to be a seed. Or maybe a digital building block. It is taking the form of a blog right now, but that is meant to just be the beginning. It is not supposed to be just a forum where one man with crazy ideas hoping for humanity to wake up shouts his ideas, but the beginning of a community. Not just any community though. The internet does need some sense of regulation and control, otherwise it is pure chaos. I am suggesting that we create a way for the internet to regulate itself. An internet nation complete with a government and commerce. There will be no borders because it is a digital nation. Commerce would also be digital, but under the regulation of the internet government. I know this is a crazy idea, and much would need to happen before it could take any semblance of reality, but I do know that one fairly ineffective man certainly cannot do it alone. I am not just seeking readers, followers for a simple blog. I am seeking innovative and energetic people who recognize that we need to attempt to change the direction humanity is going if we want to achieve the greatness we are capable of. We have a truly powerful tool to do this, if we learn to use it well. Who wants to help me make this seed; this structure, grow? Share with us your own crazy ideas, that we can make them grow together. Together let us make a thing of beauty, and return humanity to its senses again![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]