C is for Caring in a Crazy world

My “C” post a day late …

Humans can be scary. They have great capacity for selfishness. They seem to relish power … especially power over those they perceive as weaker than themselves. This is no great revelation, and I am probably not even saying something that you don’t know very well yourself. All one has to do is turn on the tv … or read a newspaper.

Seeking power over another human being takes many forms, but in all cases it follows the same pattern. Those who seek power do so by convincing their targets that they (the targets) themselves are powerless.

And the sad thing is it often works … sometimes in a devastating manner.

It is much worse when the surrounding culture actually ignores the issue … in a way condoning it. Sometimes it is because on a certain level these cultures actually think the power seekers are in the right.

Yep, our world is crazy!

Fortunately there are humans out there who recognize that this mode of thinking is ultimately backwards. They recognize that the only way to combat this inequity is to give power back to those from whom it has been stolen. They are doing their best to give humanity in general, especially those who have been trained by an uncaring society and direct confrontation with the selfishly power-hungry … a return to self-respect.

I never got their names, but their smiles say it all 🙂

What brought this ramble on? In my wanderings yesterday, I encountered a couple of smiling faces that simply made my moment. They just radiated CARING. They were part of a team trying to raise awareness for B.A.R.C.C., (Boston Area Rape Crisis Center).

Their cause is a worthy one, and the essence of what I am talking about … a group of people who are trying to return power to those who have had it stripped from them … they are trying to make the world a better place by rebuilding shattered lives that should never have been shattered in the first place. They are by no means the only such cause, nor the only people who are trying to improve the world, but out of gratitude for two heartfelt smiles, as well as a true appreciation of what they are trying to do, I decided to give them a shout out here, and hopefully further their cause a bit.

They were specifically promoting a Walk for Change … raising funds for service and awareness. If you would like to participate in the Walk, or make a donation, visit www.firstgiving.com/barcc. If you wish to learn more about B.A.R.C.C. in general, visit www.barcc.org

The pics are some of the more positive messages that were on the wall of T-shirts that was the display. All the T-shirts were made by survivors. Some were cries for help, others statements of affirmation … all, powerful.