Candles On Your Cake

I seem to have missed Monday by a few days this week. I have been unusually busy for me. Not only did I actually leave the house this week, but I stayed out ALL DAY! That’s just crazy!! Now that I am finally getting to the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, creative juices just waiting to be juiced, lo and behold Julia goes and throws us a curve ball!

Always love when that happens!

This week, in an effort to avoid the high costs of birthday cards for her sons 36th, she has asked us to go Hallmark on the picture she has provided …

I am not usually a fan of store-bought cards so usually make my own. You’d think this would be an easy one. But no of course not. Now I am doing it on command. Anyway I banged my head against the wall a few times and came up with this painful little bit. Hope you enjoy!

Candles On Your Cake, By Kitten John

Happy Birthday Son of Julia
Though I don’t know you at all
You had the grace to learn to walk
When you once only crawled
They (your parents) are oh so proud
That they managed to shape your brain
They set you on a path
And they even gave you a name!

And it could be you lived your life
Like the candles on your cake
Never knowing what to wish for
When the smoke set in?
And I would like to know you
You ARE Julia’s kid
Your candles are burning out quickly now
You better make a wish!