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A cure for headaches

I am no Adonis. Even at my fittest, my six-pack was more like a half keg, but it did not keep me from being active, strong, and even fairly athletic. I won’t say I NEVER got sick, but more often than not any ailments I suffered from were self-induced, and those few that were brought […]

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Just call me speedy!

I have an Adonis-like physique. In the interest of modesty, and to keep groupies from invading my peaceful neighborhood (translation … wake the dead), I cleverly mask said physique with a mass of flesh that is the envy of even the fittest of pears. How do I maintain my glorious figure? First there is my […]

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Anybody have a spare Holy Hand Grenade?

As I am sure I have mentioned before (probably about every other post), I have this love hate relationship with technology. Specifically … computers. When I was a kid, I worshipped the buggers, and wanted nothing more than to become king of the geeks. Somewhere along the way, computers and I started having spats on […]

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