Challenging myself … challenging YOU!

My last post was about how changing the little things in the daily routine may be significant in producing a healthy lifestyle. Healthy habits are the key to positive growth. This applies to improving ourselves, physically, emotionally AND spiritually. However, as important as creating these small habitual changes may be, we still have to take an active role in our own self-improvement. Not taking the easy way and improving our self watching skills are important, but without further effort they will only take us so far. I am still not one for regular exercise routines (and probably never will be), but that does not mean I can’t still find ways to strengthen my body. Not doing so is no help to ourselves, and plainly just giving into excuses.

I am taking up two personal challenges, one focused on the physical body, one on the emotional and spiritual bodies, thus holistically exercising as is the ideal. I am sharing them here because that is the whole point of this site 😉 , and to encourage others to take up the challenges as well. Heal ourselves, heal the world.

Physical challenge:


This is simple to do (the form is anyway), and takes very little time, but it can have a tremendous effect. A strong core is essential to good health. It is not about having six-pack abs. That is essentially a sales gimmick. The core also includes the lower back and the glutes, and is fundamental part of balance, posture, flexibility, and internal functions such as digestion. In short a strong core will lead to a strong EVERYTHING. It is a good place to start for those who do NOT exercise enough, for by strengthening the core we make other exercise that much easier. I started today. I challenge you to do the same! Click the above link for details!

Not the most flattering pic, but: Plank away!!

Non-physical challenge:


This may be the more difficult challenge for some. It is also, in some ways, a more important challenge, for it is focused on not just our personal growth, but that of our communities as well. It is “a step-by-step approach to cultivating compassion over the span of one month”. Its purpose is to expand our own capacity for compassion, as well as sharing the concept with others. In a world where compassion often seems wanting, this type of challenge is not only ideal, but necessary. If you believe we need more compassion in lives, TAKE UP THE CHALLENGE! And encourage your friends to as well. Once again, click on the link above for details!

Let’s see how well we can improve our own health and that of the global community together!!