Changing maps

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As some may have noticed … I have been quiet for a while again. This is not so new for me. Periodically I just have nothing to say. Sometimes it is depression. Sometimes I am actually busy in the “real” world. And sometimes it is more complicated. This was one of those times.

In recent months, much has changed in my life … while at the same time much has not. That is the way of life. And as is also the case, what happens in our lives is a combination of the choices we make and the simple constant of time passing. We cannot guide the universe … all we can do is choose how we move through it. My choices throughout my life have led me along some interesting paths. My life has been far from anything traditional … let alone main stream. I do not regret the choices I have made, even if they have on occasion sent me in the wrong direction. Making mistakes is how we learn, and how we shape ourselves into the people we want to be. And believe me I have made many mistakes. But that does not mean I don’t occasionally evaluate my own choices, and see if they are still paths worth following, or if I need to change direction.

My recent silence has been this reevaluation.

It is long past time for me to make changes again. I have reached the end of my current path, and it is time for me to choose another. Initially, that was why I got involved in blogging, but I seem to have made a wrong turn somewhere along that path. As much as being part of the online community is almost a necessity these days, it can also become an obsession … leading to the ultimate degradation of humanity that seems to be happening lately. I have become so immersed in my “online” life, that my “real world” life is practically non-existent. I am so busy TALKING about changing the world, and watching the new concept of sharing other people’s ideas without ever thinking for ourselves … that I have plain and simply stopped DOING.

old mapThis must change.

This started with the Two Hiking Idiots project, but that is not enough. I still stand behind my creation of PAX Nation, but so far that has been nothing but words … when action is what is needed. So I need to shift priorities again. Right now, I need to fix ME. Which includes getting myself in shape, actually earning some sort of income, and becoming an ACTIVE part of humanity again. The first step is my new “business”, which is admittedly off to a VERY slow start, but still has the capacity to improve my life and maybe help others in the process.  If done right, I will get in shape, earn some money to pursue the my other projects, and most importantly ….

… start living again.

Stay tuned for updates. And for anyone who may actually like to join me in such a(nother) crazy journey … drop me a line :)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]