Competence … mark 2

Anyone who has met me realizes that I have no patience for unnecessarily complicated things. It always blows my mind how humanity seems to think that if we make something as complicated as possible we somehow improve things. I firmly believe in simple and straightforward.

As my life progresses though, I find I am in the minority.

So doing my duty as described in my last post, I wanted to confirm that in fact I did not need the hearing that they were telling me I did not need before I called them and told them I did not need the hearing they said I did not need.

I tracked down the actual customer service number of the actual insurance, not the number of the board that determines if I am allowed insurance which insurance I am allowed assuming the hearing that I go to if I actually need a hearing allows me to have said insurance.

“The office is closed for an hour. All of our customer service agents are in a meeting.”

Of course!

As I said, no patience for me. So call postponed again. But lucky me. The next day I get a voicemail from “them”:

“It seems we have all we need so you don’t need the hearing. But please call me or the hearing board back to confirm that we have all we need and you don’t need a hearing, unless you think you need a hearing. If we don’t hear from you the hearing will go on as scheduled.”

Followed by phone numbers and the hearing number.

I decided to call the hearing board because I already had the number in front of me having grabbed the letter that started this all. Chose the correct menu item because the woman in the voicemail told me the correct menu number, seeing as I couldn’t actually understand the voice that was giving the menu options.

Got an answering machine of course.

“Please tell us your name, number, hearing number, height, weight, blood type, social security number, grandmother’s maiden name … and we will get back to you shortly.” OK maybe I am exaggerating a little this time. I left the required info and told them that as far as I know I no longer needed a hearing so go ahead and free up the date.

I really AM in awe.