I have been trying to do things alone for far to long.

This is fairly frequently a very unsuccessful strategy. One of my strengths is the ability to step back and approach problems from different angles. When one doesn’t work I try another. But for some reason I fail to do that for myself when I am the focus of the problem. Finally life wound up and smacked me a good one right on the pisk. Took a few weeks for my ears to stop ringing, but I get it now.

So in the spirit of joint effort, cooperation and, of course, this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, I offer you this little journey of the imagination. The prompt:

…together the flames…

Once again I hope all enjoy!

Flames were a fiery bunch.

Each wanted to be the hottest. The brightest. None could come together without ending in a heated discussion. Flames were not known for their ability to cooperate.

Then one day the Beast Water came to the Land of the Flames.

Flames from all over the land, each knowing that they could not be defeated, one by one rushed the Beast. And each was steamed to find themselves in a misty demise. Then one little Flame, barely a spark, suggested “Why not attack together?”

What an unusual idea!

Ironically, together the Flames did what alone they could not.