Dancing fingers

It’s that time again.

I know you are dreading it. I can see the look of fear in your eyes.

But it has to be done. Yep. Looooong overdue. Been weeks even.  So sorry guys. Gonna do it. Starting right now. Brace yourself!


Steve Kramer’s first random bit o’ meaningless typing since … well … his last one!!

Hold all applause until the end please!!

I am finding that in my recent journey through the darkness of my own soul, my thoughts have gone through a subtle shift. Nothing has really changed … more like they have a glow about them. Like when colors take on a surreal aspect when a thunderstorm is pending. As a result I am have a unique problem with my powers of creation lately. It is not so much writer’s block, but more like a surplus. I have so much creative energy packed into the inadequate vessel that is me that I can’t seem to control releasing it. It just seeps out where and when it will. So every time I sit down to write a post lately I simply don’t know where to start.

Even my usual method of just start typing stalled on me. As if my fingers could not even agree on what words to release. That is why my plethora of posts has recently turned into a fairly scant plethora. So today I finally sat down and with a determined effort …

… shut my mind off completely.

And you are now seeing what the results of that are. It is re-dawning on me that the times I seem to have the most problems with my creations; actually with my everyday life, are the times when I simply try too hard. This is probably because of one simple little fact that I am now reminded of. In a way, nobody ever actually CAN try to do anything. You either do it. Or you don’t. By saying we tried, we are actually allowing ourselves the excuse of not DOING.

So what exactly am I saying. Where is this little journey in words taking me? I did not know any more than you did until this very moment. I guess I am saying it is time to stop TRYING so hard. It is getting me no where!

I need to plain and simply start DOING again.

Look out world. Here I come.