Digital Art

As with most of my blogs, I have not posted here in quite a while. I still pick up my camera when the urge hits, and I have a few photos that I intended to share here, but my attitude about life of late has been such that I simply could not motivate myself to do it. But I am working on rejoining the living, so this is the first of (hopefully) some more regular additions to my (usually) growing work of creative endeavors. When I first started this website, I was just attempting to share some of the many photos I have the habit of taking. Eventually I got the delusion that I could somehow make money doing this … a delusion that has definitely been cleared from my system now. I do offer anything on this site for purchase in various forms, but I am no salesman … not even a capitalist … so it won’t hurt my feelings if nobody buys anything. But some of my stuff might be worth a frame or used as a gift if the mood hits.

That said, I have been delving into 3D Modelling and artwork. I am by no means an expert, but I have created images that I am somewhat proud of and worth sharing. Technically they are not photos, but are still creations of the world as soon thru my eyes, and visual art. So I am going to add a new category called digital art (or something similar). I will include any photos that I actually manipulate via software (other than basic color correction and cropping). In the mean time, here are some of my recent attempts at 3D Art. I hope you enjoy!