Digital selfie

As technology increasingly becomes one of humanity’s core imperatives, how we interact with each other has changed significantly. Once upon a time, sharing ideas required one being physically interacting with another on SOME level, but these days our interactions just need the appropriate device. The devices get more complicated, ironically causing the interactions to be more simple. We used to TALK, which involved actually going to where a person and DOING things with them. Then we started writing, which still required effort, but less interaction. Gradually we have gone to electronic interaction, which basically means that we don’t have to have any connection with each other at all (other than the devices used). Talking became writing on paper became email, became texting … what is inevitably next?

No words at all!

We have simplified communication to images and symbols. Since our interactions are focused more on the devises used than WHO we are interacting with, is it any wonder that we are becoming a society of narcissists? It is more important that EVERYONE knows everything about us then having any meaningful one on one interactions. One of the easiest ways to do this has even been labeled. We call them ‘selfies’.

I have often thought of this as a ridiculous trend, more evidence of the continuing failure of humanity to even approach its great potential. Until yesterday, that is, when I had one of my frequent “AHA!!” moments. I realized that I am no different from anyone else in this regard. No I don’t post constant photos of me doing this and that, but I DO have multiple blogs in which I share many aspects of who I am in many different ways. Essentially these are just MY versions of selfies. They are still just me telling the world “THIS IS ME!”  So who am I to judge?

All of this is just to introduce my newest creation, an image I put together as I am learning Blender (a 3D rendering program). It is kind of the direct reason for my “AHA!!” moment. By rendering guru standards, this is nothing more than stick art, but to me it is worth sharing. In a way, it IS a self-portrait …