Do you remember the days?

Memory is such an interesting phenomenon.

It is sometimes rather humorous when it fails us. And it can happen to all of us. Even when I was much younger I would often find myself going into a room and having no idea why I went there in the first place. Granted in my younger days there may have been alternative reasons for this. Not paying attention maybe. Or an over abundance of some rather unhealthy substance in my bloodstream.

As we get older, there are more basic causes of memory loss. For some it is just aging. For others more drastic medical conditions. And as sad and scary as it can be, it also has its amusing side. When my older sister had her near-death experience, she had a problem retaining short-term memory for a time due to lack of oxygen to the brain for a short period. She has since regained it, but it was difficult for her for a while. But sometimes despite the difficulty it was actually funny. Like when she saw my mother and told her "You look like my mother. She would love you" or something to that effect. So much for MY memory!

""Because of my sisters trials, we got a little early taste of what we are facing now as my dad progresses in Alzheimer’s. Again as sad as it is, it interesting seeing what he can and cannot remember. And it can be downright funny. While my mother is still working, and to allow me the freedom to do things on my own and occasionally get out of the house as well as provide company for my father, we have companions come in for part of the day. Often this allows me to lock myself in my room and focus on writing, so I am frequently still in the house while they are here. Yesterday, I was stepping out of my room to grab a snack when I heard the back door shut. I assumed it was just my dad and the companion going out to get some fresh air, so though nothing of it. I head into the kitchen (where the back door is) and am about to get my snack, when there is a knock on the back door. I go to the door to find it locked. I open it and there is the companion saying "Your dad just locked me out."

Apparently they were coming back in, and my dad entered first. The companion took an extra second to put out her cigarette, and in that second dad forgot she was there, and habit kicked in and he locked the door. He then went down to his usual comfy chair, watching TV, not even noticing anything was wrong.

It would not have been an issue if I had not been there. She would just have walked around front to come in that door. Still, it did make me chuckle. Just a reminder that humor can be found anywhere.