Dog Training

As some may have guessed, I am not big on rules. To me, rules, for the most part, are simply one being trying to control another being for their own purposes. Don’t get me wrong, SOME structure is necessary, but even then the rules need a certain level of flexibility to do their job right. This may be why some think of me as a “libtard”, but what can a fella do?

That said, anyone who has a pet recognizes that limits need to be set and boundaries established. If too much freedom is allowed, chaos will most definitely be the word of any given day. Some rules need to be created, and to be sure that they are enforced a certain level of training must be involved. The how of the training will be different from case to case, but usually it will involve some combination of “carrot and stick”.

Personally I prefer focusing on the carrots, but that may just be my inner libtard.

With my nomadic existence, it was only a matter of time before I found myself with a non-human companion. Brown Dog (aptly named because she is brown-ish and a dog) is very smart, and has a very distinct personality. If stubbornness is a positive character trait, she is a veritable saint. Since I kind of can be described in a similar fashion (except for the brown-ish dog part), it became apparent fairly quickly that training would definitely need to come into play.

Distasteful as it may be for me, sometimes punishment is necessary, but usually it is no more than an expression of displeasure. Usually offering reward … or denying it as may be needed, is sufficient. Thanks to diligent and efficient training,a routine of sorts has been established, and chaos has definitely been kept at bay.

Yep, Brown Dog has firmly established where and when I can sleep, what and when I can eat, and when and for how long I am permitted to do my own thing. She even regulates my exercise, letting me know when I can walk and / or play, and for how long. My failure to comply results in severe punishment … usually being pestered every ten minutes with either over the top cuteness or simple barking and staring until I do as told. Occasionally I may actually be rewarded with a treat, such as some peace for enough time to watch ONE T.V. show unhindered, or maybe room to sleep all stretched out, but it is rare. She is a pretty tough trainer.

Sometimes rules DO make for peaceful living. At least for the one who sets the rules!