Don’t squeeze the printer

My grump has been on again big time for the last few days. Writing hilarious stories about everyday life can be tough when a body has a good grump going (especially when the actual level of hilarity is in question).  Fortunately the world, specifically that part of it occupied by humanity, is innately funny, so any self-respecting grump will quickly vacate the premises if one just leaves the house with open eyes.

Good thing I do that every few months or so.

So I go out to lunch with the buddy who seems to start many of my tales. I guess having only one friend might do that. After lunch, he asked if I would mind running a few quick errands with him before he brought me home (due to my transportationaly challenged status, he was driving). Not really being in any hurry, being a professional bum and all, I said sure.

Someday I will have to remember that quick is a relative term.

"20130126-151226.jpg"So while he was "quickly’ doing his first batch of errands in Staples, I had a bit of time on my hand. I don’t want to assume … so I will assume not everyone knows what Staples is. Staples is one of the kings of office supplies. While I was waiting for him, I did some FBing, read my email, played a couple of games, finished my novels, and he was still not quite ready. So I wandered the wilds of Staples to see what wonders I can find. Yep. Wandered for wonders. It is always a blessing to know that mankind’s lust for paper and shiny things never fails, because it ensures our silliness never ends. I pretty much saw all the things you would expect to find in an office supply store. Computers, electronic gadgets galore, every imaginable form of paper, printing supplies (and center), office furniture, filing supplies, toilet paper, shipping, …. did you hear that screeching sound?

That was me back pedaling with a classic WTF? double take. I have to admit, seeing a pretty good deal on toilet paper is not really something I expect in an office supply store. After chuckling over it, it did seem to make a bit of sense, but it still … well … just did not fit.

I have to admit, it is refreshing to know that humanity’s pursuit of lazinessmoneyexcellence is right on schedule.