Drawing a blank

I have been supremely uninspired this weekend, so have been looking forward to this weeks 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups! The posts are usually announced via TWITTER, which I have TEXT me when I am TWEETED. So when I am TWEETED on TWITTER I am TEXTED. A TEXT causes my phone to CHIME. So TWEET! TEXT! CHIME! Now I don’t TEXT, or TWEET all that often, so CHIMES generally are cause for excitement for me. If I get CHIMED on a Monday afternoon, It usually means I have just been TWEETED, which makes me WHOOP because I am TWEAKED. So TWEET! TEXT! CHIME! TWEAKED! WHOOP!

About the usual time I hear a CHIME, I hear a CHIME. Of course now I am TWEAKED, because I see it is a TWEET from TWITTER. WHOOP! Unusually it was a TWEET from a TWANGER … er … um … stranger. No longer TWEAKED, I am WHOOPLESS.

Just when I thought I could not wait any longer, CHIME! I’ve been TWEETED, TEXTED and am now TWEAKED! WHOOP!

Until I saw this week’s prompt ( … the red box … ) and … am drawing a complete blank. TWEET! TEXT! CHIME! TWEAKED! WHOOP! BLANK! BOO! In an effort to jar something loose, I have written this bit o’ nonsense and … still have nothing. So I am gonna have to do the old standby and just start typing and see what happens. Wish me luck!

I awaited a Tweet, all the day long.
For this particular Tweet, the need was rather strong.
My mind was wanting, my soul a bit dry,
In desperate want of something to try.
A text was received, and my phone chimed,
The sound making me, well, just about primed!
But sadly it was another, not my vaunted Tweet,
So I set to wait again, not skipping a beat.
Another Chime! Could this the one be?
It was from Twitter, that I could well see!
Yes! It was from Julia! She who simply rocks!
What will inspire today? Sadly, not “the red box”.

Not my best effort, that’s for sure. But it’s something. Hope you enjoy 🙂