Dude, where’s my car?

Picture it now. You and your gaggle of … well whatever is following you has spent a busy afternoon at {someplace that has a humongous parking lot}. You and the gaggle come out chattering away highly satisfied {dissatisfied, downright pissed off} at whatever it is you and said gaggle accomplished {did not actually accomplish}. You head down the aisle you THINK your car is parked, while one of your gaggle says "But isn’t it over there?" Another gaggle member shrugs "I dunno" while the remaining gaggle is of doing what gaggles do. Fortunately you have the trusty remote lock opener that you can click to make your car effectively say "Over here you idiot!". Unfortunately your car looks like every other car in the parking lot so you need to be in the right vicinity for this to actually work.

""You know this has happened to you.

The other day after my sister and I finished a pleasant adventure in a local botanical garden, we arrived at the not really all than immense parking lot with a less than huge number of cars. We walked up to our car, at which point my sister tries to unlock the car with the remote.

It didn’t work.

Assuming that maybe the battery was dead or something, I said, "Just use the key!"

To which my sister responded "How do I use the key?" Which of course made me laugh.

I did not realize that she said this because she was trying the key and it was not fitting. It took both of us a couple of minutes to realize that this was because the car we were at was not, in fact, OUR car. Ours was waiting a few feet on with a distinct car smirk on its car face.

I wonder if cars think all humans look alike too?