Emerging genius

Confused me

As I stumble my way through life, I often find myself inadvertently doing what, as far as I can tell, I was actually born to do. It is rather ironic that in all my deep explorations of self; all my questioning of what my purpose in the world is; what I actually want to do with life, in all these wordy meanderings I seem to frequently overlook that I actually already know. And when I stop trying so hard to climb up my own arse I frequently find myself doing what I … well basically … do.

“So tell us already! What is this mysterious purpose?” you are no doubt not actually considering saying.

Well no worries. I will attempt to explain.

What I am is a catalyst. I am that last ingredient that some often need to make their own magic; to kickstart their own dreams. I thrive when I can help another take the step on THAT path; to find the strength to do the one thing they needed to do to truly create the future that they desire.  Often it just might be an encouraging word at the right moment. Sometimes it might take a little more effort. But this is fundamentally who I am, and when I am NOT actually doing this is when I find myself in my spiritual quandaries.

The funny thing is, frequently when I have somehow helped someone, they then take off, often far surpassing me but giving me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that I may have helped them along even if only just that little bit.

For example some of you may remember my friend affectionately known as A Girl Called Pete. For a brief tale of how we met and how I annoyed her into doing some blogging, take a look here. Before she started her own blog I posted a few of her works here, and to this day her first post is by far the most popular post on MY blog.

Now that our girl Pete is beginning to embrace the true master of words and story telling that she is, she is even confusing the masses by going by the name of Rebecca. She is now entertaining various great literary minds at a site devoted to sharing the written word in its most creative form (called Jottify). There Rebecca/Pete is truly exploring her gift. Granted some of her works are very visceral and not for the faint of heart, but in my mind she has a keen grasp of human nature and a gift for description. She is currently writing a story that, while maybe a bit on the gritty side, is hard to NOT read! It is a fascinating look at a not so impossible future based on our society’s odd sense of what is important. I highly recommend taking a wonder over to read the developing Leavenheath! As I mentioned it is definitely something for adults only, and some might find aspects of it disturbing, but I still think it is well worth the read!

P.S. This plug is not entirely selfless. She promised me when she becomes rich and famous that she will take care of me! Haha. I also happen to have a few things there, including one of my developing books if anyone is really curious …