Empowered by a rabbit hole

Draw a rabbit hole.

“Huh?” is not an unreasonable response.

Just do it. Don’t worry about art. Get yourself a piece of paper (which itself might be a challenge for some in this digital age) and draw yourself a rabbit hole. Make it big enough to put some words in.

Done? Great. Look at your rabbit hole and write down the first thing that pops in your mind. Maybe it’s a word, maybe its a phrase. Don’t think too much, just let it appear.

And so an adventure begins …

My rabbit hole

The path I followed:

  • The word ‘asteroids’ randomly appears in my mind.
  • “What a funny sounding word,” I think. Immediate perverse mind connection: Asteroids -> hemorrhoids
  • “Shouldn’t ‘hem’ be ‘ass’?” I think. Shake my head in bemusement at my own thought processes.
  • Look up the etymology of ‘asteroid’ …
    aster = star
  • Look up the meaning of ‘hem’ There are a couple of meanings. The one that gets my attention:
    hem = restrict
  • Restrict -> lock -> hemlock
  • Bring back aster. Asterlock. No. Starlock.
  • Search ‘starlock’.
  • Turns out ‘Starlock’ is a brand of power tools.
  • Search for videos about power tools …
    How to’s. A song. Kids with Power tools. CRAZY adults with power tools.
  • Humans with power tools -> human power tools -> human power ->

Self empowerment

Deep in MY rabbit hole I found the concept of self empowerment, and that is where I stopped. Sometimes, the best way to get where you want to go is to head nowhere in particular. This is a particularly strong theme in my life and one I have often explored before.

Where does YOUR rabbit hole take YOU?