I often say that my life is governed by irony. I may not be unique in this, but it is definitely a defining characteristic of the choices I am faced with in my journey through life. It has become such a driving force for me that I would almost be at a loss if irony should disappear from my experience.  For example, today I am struggling with ideas for my A to Z ( or Z to A) post. The letter is not an issue, I have plenty of word choices to work with. There’s one bit of irony … often the more words available, the harder it is for me to come up with an idea. Today I have a surplus of words that are popping into my head … with little of that spark that denotes a connection with my inner glow (see my G post). More simply put, nothing has inspired me. Part of the lack of inspiration is that I am very tired. This is an ongoing issue in my life. It is a tiredness that goes beyond insufficient sleep. It is a weariness of the soul, a weight that keeps me from attaining my own personal heights. There are days that I am hardly aware of the weight, and other days when it practically keeps me from functioning. Today seemed to be one of the latter days. A less wordy way of describing what ails me is a severe lack of …


Lo and behold, irony gives me my E post.

Energy is, quite literally, what makes the universe go round. It is the basis of … well … everything. All that we perceive started as energy, and will eventually return to being energy, even if a different form. The very act of perceiving requires energy. Energy is the substance of interactions between living beings. For that matter, it is the substance of interactions between non living entities as well.  Face it, without energy, time does not pass, and existence simply ceases.

Energy takes many forms, some of them more clearly defined than others. It is the central focus of scientific study. Physics and chemistry are essentially the study of energy in all its forms. Biology explores those forms of energy we call life. Even social sciences are about energy, for communications are also a form of energy. Our emotional relationships; our social hierarchy; even our personal psychology … all are forms of energy exchange.

Based on all this, it would appear that having a lack of energy is a rather a serious matter.

Of course what is meant by the phrase “lack of energy” is completely a matter of the specifics of the situation. Not to worry, put a little energy into thinking about it, and the phrase will make perfect sense. Even as I write this little rambling ode to energy, energy is pouring forth. There is the energy used to think my thoughts; the energy used in typing; the energy that converts and stores the ideas on my machine; the energy that sends it across the world is a flash; the energy of others reading and understanding … the list is endless. One can even sense my mood by the energy that seeps into the words themselves. And once more some irony: even as the energy of forming ideas that are being shared here starts to dwindle, my personal energy has risen. Just in time to go to bed of course.

So ends my E post. rather energetically, it seem.