Enough already!!

I haven’t had a healthy rant in a bit, and feel I am about due. Fortunately ’tis the season for humans, who have an idiocy gene built right in, to fully embrace their inherent gift. And if we cannot laugh at our own idiocy, even as we rage at it, well … might as well call it a day.

So what has got my panties in a bunch this time?

The  list is endless. The simple fact of the matter is “WE HAVE LOST THE PLOT!” This is my new favorite phrase. The world economy is struggling not to implode on itself. People in power struggle to keep using methods that have proven themselves not only ineffective, but downright harmful to progress, and it is mostly done out of sheer selfishness. We have the power greedy promoting constant change when it is not necessary but puts money in their pocket, while at the same time trying to go backwards and NOT change things that SHOULD be changing because it weakens their own power base.

All so they can be elected to office. Or line their pockets. Or for the simple pleasure of lording over others. For what? Their own sense of self-worth?

This weekend the Pres was waxing eloquent on how determined we are to ensure that Iran does not get nuclear weapons, and how far we are willing to go to prevent this from happening. We, the “good guys” have a lot to fear from them “the bad guys” because they no doubt have thoughts of mass destruction and sugar-plum fairies dancing in their heads. Legitimate fear I suppose.

But does anyone else find it ironic that the only nation to ever actually use a nuclear bomb in war; a nation that in recent years has proven itself rather aggressive against anyone that it perceives as a threat, is trying to dictate who has access to said weapons? Could it possibly be that Iran sees US as the threat? That they are afraid of us and simply want to even the playing field?

I am sure it is not that easy. But the reality is no one knows the truth because all we are exposed to is masses of rhetoric designed to insight, not inform. In my mind NO ONE should have nuclear weapons.

Always US and THEM. Never WE.

So economies are failing. People are starving all over the world … not because there is insufficient food to feed them but because greed and selfishness dictates who gets access to the basic survival needs. Natural disasters are happening left and right, and it has become more important to appear to help than to actually help. Much of the world is just a “flipped bird” away from all out war. And we as a nation, do we focus on these issues? Do we, the supposed leaders of the free world and the self-proclaimed guide to all things fair and free, do we put our collective minds together and find solutions to these issues to make the world a better place?

Don’t be silly. We instead rant and rave over “moral” issues that are frankly something that each individual has to decide for themselves and nothing to do with the actual health of the world. We put on a show for the masses to hide the real problems. And the viewing audience willingly watches the show, even getting involved with it, while the floorboards rot away beneath us.

The whole world needs one cosmic hand to slap it upside the head! Shake some sense back into it!

I am of course including myself in this stupidity. I am no better than the next person. We all need to turn off the electronics, stop being so self-absorbed and focused on our own comfort, and roll up our sleeves and start getting our hands dirty. Lets fix this mess already!!

OK Rant over. Nothing like a good rant to get rid of the garbage and refresh the soul for the next step. I hope I step in the right direction this time.