Eternal Question

I have not done the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups for a few weeks now … and almost feel like something is missing. Partly because my lust for creation has been somewhat dimmed of late. Partly because of a mind overfilled with … plain and simply … STUFF.  But then I encountered my sister’s recent entry for this week’s prompt (said entry rather brilliant) and I found the prompt pretty intriguing. Especially since it resonated with my state of mind … as it often so eerily does.

The prompt is unique this week. The key word is silence, but this time the 100 words are specifically NOT to include the word silence. I found this whole concept resonating for several reasons. For one, I am currently no centered; I currently do not have peace of mind. The irony of peace of mind is the harder one searches for it, the more elusive it gets. Silence falls in the same category. Elusive seems to be a keyword in my life at the moment (and happens to be the title of my sister’s work … to add to the eeriness). I spent a few days trying to silence the storm enough to come up with something about silence. It is for others to say if I succeeded or not.


It was like darkness for the ears. The very air was so still that one should have heard the merest rustle in the woods. Yet …

… nothing.

It felt like we were encased in a thick cocoon, yet all was clear to our eyes. But it could not last. Slowly our focus drew inwards. Our breathing. The blood rushing through our earlobes. The creak of every tendon as we shifted. Our heart …

… thumping.


With a chill, I wondered. What if that muffled sensation were to carry inwards also. Could we truly ever find that moment?

And would we want to?