Everyone is an artist

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]What is art?

What does it mean to create?

To me they are different parts of speech for the same process. Create is the verb. Art is the creation … the noun. Simply put, creation is expressing our soul in the physical world. Art is the ultimate result.

Anyone can create. Therefore everyone is an artist.

That said, my personal capacity for creation has been lacking of late. Why is that?

That would take a lifetime to tell. Suffice to say my usual methods are not speaking to me lately. I have a pain in the center of my gut that is art waiting to emerge, yet I can’t seem to get it out. Constipation of the soul if ya want a rather ugly image. I am a writer without words, a musician without music, a photographer with closed eyes. It kind of hurts.

In an attempt to break through this self-made box around my soul, I have tired to make a mandala. This is the result. Figured I’d share it, proof that I still exist in the world sort of.

In the mean time, I will work on my pain management.