Existentially speaking (you guessed it … E)


I think therefore I am.

Our country is doing it’s best to eliminate the ability to think for ourselves. We have systematically removed thinking from any governmentally approved curriculum. We sell, promote, campaign, entertain, etc. with the basic assumption that the target can not actually think. And it often seems to work. So it is fair to say that most Americans don’t, in fact, exist.

I am therefore I think.

From my own perspective, I am pretty sure I do exist. By the previous proposition, that must mean I do occasionally think. However, I don’t really label myself American, rather I go with Human. So the existence of actual Americans is still a question. But we do seem to have Humans.

I think I am, therefore …

Because I think I am, I am reasonably sure that I do exist. I think I am Human, so there is at least one Human in the world, so Humans do exist. I think that nationalism is a rather silly concept, so humor does exist. And Humans can be silly. Silly Humans would think silly things, say for instance that they are different because they are “American” (though it is still questionable if Americans exist). Therefore Americans are silly. If they exist.

Am I? Therefore I think …

Am I writing nonsense? There is a pretty good chance of it. Or maybe there is some sense mixed in with non sense. I think that we can replace the word “American” with other equally silly words, each equally of questionable existence. Or perhaps that is just more nonsense. I am either writing  about nonsense or nonsensically writing, therefore maybe I should stop writing.

Therefore I am I think …

going to stop writing now. Technically not now but when I actually stop writing. Maybe I managed to get somebody to think. I certainly have been thinking. If someone else thinks then they might too, exist. And who or what they are is entirely dependent on who or what they think they are.

I think.