Eye of the beholder

I am tired.

This is not new. I doesn’t help that I don’t exercise properly, or that I don’t eat right, or have a regular sleep schedule. But it is more than that. I m tired of living in a blind world; a world that chooses personal comfort over some one else’s suffering; a world that thrives on out of sight … out of mind. A world that finds it easier to judge based on appearance or hearsay,instead of finding out for ourselves. There are good people out there … caring people. This I do not doubt. But lately it seems they are hard to see in the dark shadows that everyone else casts.

Since I am obviously in a darkish mind for a change, my creation for this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups is a little somber. But maybe some will enjoy it anyway. The prompt:

….beneath the surface…

They called him a monster.

He was big. His misshapen form inspired fear. Most would just run; some attacked. He learned to growl. To menace. To defend himself.

Because that was the only way they gave him peace.

But on that day; that terrible day …

Others just watched in horror. Many did not even bother to watch. But no one, NO ONE, lifted a finger to help …

… except The Monster. She was just a child. Thanks to The Monster she would be an adult.

They called him a monster. They chose not to see beneath the surface.

So who were the real monsters?