F = Fast Food Fenomenon

This is an idea I have had floating around for some time now, and today being F day in the A to Z challenge, it is time to share it!

Cultures, like individual people, have well-defined characters. And also like people, these characters are often best displayed in the activities we most take for granted. It is often how we act without thinking; with those things that have become part of our daily routine, that best defines us. This is also true on the cultural level as well. The clothes we wear, the way we speak, even the food we eat … all give a basic picture of who we really are.

So what does it say about our culture when the food that defines us is actually Fast Food?

We have become a culture always in a hurry. We are losing the ability to appreciate something precisely BECAUSE is took a while to do. For some reason we seem to think that faster is better. Why take time to prepare a meal when we have a fast food restaurant, or a microwave. I have important things to do, can’t be bothered stopping to eat. I need the next generation tech device. I have only had this one for a month but it is already getting old. Takes an extra second to do things!

We are in such a hurry to do things “better” that we frequently end up making things worse. Part of the reason our environment is getting so messed up is because we are so busy quickly moving on to the next thing that we don’t even know what to do with the last thing.

Our desire for speed is extremely wasteful.

Not to mention that we have given up actual quality for the appearance of quality. Why? Greed? Propaganda? Lack of common sense?

Here’s to a good old-fashioned home cooked meal. Here’s to remembering the value of taking time to doing something right. Here’s to appreciating what we have instead of always being in a hurry to get what we do not.

Slow down Folks. Smell the Flowers! They are much better smelling than French Fries anyway!