For the photo buffs who visit …

I have mentioned a few times that I also have a passion for photography. As a matter of fact, I began exploring that passion before I really started indulging in the writing addiction. When I first started this blog I rarely posted any photos, but it quickly became apparent that pics were needed just for the sake of eye appeal. Depending on the post, I might snag some pics from the web. But when I have an appropriate one of my own, I will use that. And on occasion I will actually specifically make a post around my pics (this one just a few days ago).

Many who have seen my photos seem to like them. And a few have commented  that I should put more in my blogs. I will possibly make an effort to do that, but in the mean time I have decided to do some more work on the photo site that I started around the same time I began The Ninja Cat Journals. Not everyone realizes I have these sites as well, even though I have links on my side bars and occasionally point them in out in posts.

I am not really trying to drive traffic to them, I am just pointing them out again for those who might be interested in some other sides of my creativity. Just like writing, photos are kind of wasted if no one ever sees them. Most of the digital photos I have can be seen on my Facebook account, even the not so good ones. But in Thru My Eyes, I am trying to just post the ones that I think are reasonably good or have some artistic quality about them. I hope any who take a wander over enjoy what I have already posted. I think I might devote some time to that site for a bit now.

There is much subject for future writing in those pics, if I allow myself to remember properly. As I look through the photos to upload, it enhances my memory, as photos should. So who know what might eventually emerge.

Again I hope folks enjoy 🙂

A pic I took today just because it caught my eye