FUN! is:

  • Not work – Work may be fun, but fun is not work.
  • Laughter – Any reason to laugh is fun. Laugh for no reason and you have mastered fun!
  • Remembering the child inside – Why do “adults” think fun is a no no?
  • Looking on the bright side – Every moment has its fun.
  • Playing – The ability to play well with others is key. Hmmm. A P post!
  • Appreciating what you have – Recognize the joy in what is.
  • Imagination and dreams – Another key component. And another post?
  • Necessary – Without a bit of fun life is to say the least dull.
  • Perspective – Take a step back and get the whole picture.
  • Stress relief – Takes the pressure off.
  • That’s it – Nah. Just funning ya!

Sometimes when we do things repetitively, or because we “have” to, we lose the fun of doing whatever it is we are doing. And if there does not seem to be a chance of change, well then we stop having fun altogether. Or maybe someone else insists on “taking all the fun out”.

Part of the reason I am here now, doing this whatever I am doing, is the simple fact that for a while I stopped having fun. Until I realized (remembered?), no matter what may or may not have happened in my life … it is my own fault I stopped enjoying things. Fun is a simple three-letter word that describes an amazing concept. Joy of life.

So I write this little self reminder, and maybe one or two others will take something from it.