Future haha

I feel I have been sadly neglecting my humor organ, and thus leaving my adoring public high and dry as they lust for my hilarious anecdotes of a world gone mad (hey just because it’s a New Year does not mean my delusions of grandeur are any less). However, now that the world (and holidays) have ended, I feel up to the task of waxing comedic on a more regular basis.

I promise …

At least that was what I thought this morning.

Now that I have overcome the obstacles of the day, namely several shiny objects, I seem to be all out of ideas of funny tales to tell. Even though I had several juicy ones floating around earlier. I blame it on the fact that I have still not recovered from the holidays … oh and the end of the world. Apocalypses tend to take it out of a body.

But I wanted to stop in any way, and at least pretend I had something fun to talk about. There are a few things bumping around with potential, that no doubt will blossom in the next few days. Once I get some proper sleep, eat something other than junk food, and shake off the last remnants of being blown into dust.

I hope all had a great holiday season, and have started the New Year with a bang. Preferably the kind of bang that does not really do damage. Like fireworks or a popped balloon. I promise I will be back soon with tales to make ya cry (with laughter I hope).

CIAO folks!!