Getting ambitious

Last week for the 100 Word Challenge we had a 50/ 50 Word challenge. Basically one person started something with 50 words last week, so that others could than finish it with 50 words this week. The prompt being The Season. My entry was a bit out of the box (which I guess is not a surprise). Now it is time for me to do the completion thang. But there are so many awesome starts, that it is difficult to go with just one. Especially since my creative juices have been a bit dried up lately and need some priming. So me being the type who has to make things as difficult as possible, I am going to attempt to finish a bunch of them. If I don’t manage to get them all, it means nothing other than I ran out of steam! I will put ’em on another page so you all can pick and choose if and what you want to read 🙂

OK apparently ten is all I can manage in one sitting. Maybe if I get more ambitious and recover from this workout I will do more another time. Hope they are worth a read!