Getting some sun …

For several reasons, I have been neglecting both of my blogs in the last few weeks. Partly from a severe lack of energy and motivation. Today I decided to get off my arse and start living my life again (unexciting as it may be right now).

I noticed it was a beautiful day outside, so thought I would do something different … like actually go outside! With my computer even! Actually get out of my gloomy attic room and pretend I live in the world!

Of course I had to prepare for such a dangerous adventure. Is the laptop (notebook?) charged? Yep! No need to haul the cord down with me.  The extra ounce of weight might have done me in.

Good start!

I have not really been out in the sun too much yet this season. Partly because the sun has been rather antisocial of late; but mostly because I have been hiding so well. So let’s say I am a bit white at the moment. I don’t even need a light in a dark room, just need to take of my shirt. And my hairless pate always needs some extra protection.


Not to worry, my hat is right there.

OK. Girded with computer and hat, I begin the "long" journey to the deck. Of course I needed to pass through the kitchen, and there is no way the refrigerator is going to let me walk by without calling my name. I don’t want to be rude so I take a look inside. And lo and behold, there is some cold pizza!


Now I have all the necessary tools! I make it out the door. Put the notebook (laptop?) on the deck table. Pizza next to it. Take of my shirt so I can fry the pasty white a bit and give folk the illusion I have actually been outside. Sit down and turn the computer on; eating a slice of pizza now to shore me up after all the effort I have just gone through of course.

At this point, Squeak the adventurer, who spends much of his time outside these days, notices me there. Apparently he mistakes my white ankles for some sort of albino mouse or chipmunk, because he immediately attacks. It takes me a few moments to straighten out this misconception.

OK I am ready. And I even have a good idea for a post. Writing about this adventure of course! So I sit before the computer and get ready to type.

And realize that I can barely see the damn computer screen!

Apparently there is certain merit in doing computer work in dark and gloomy attic rooms!