To me, creativity is not a character trait but a separate force that each of us has access to. It is like an internal glow that radiates ever outward. How it manifests does not depend on the strength of the glow. Rather it is determined by the filters it passes through. It is those filters that are defined by our character. Some of us have very strong filters, that limit the glow, sometimes to the point that others cannot see it at all. Some of us have filters that shape the glow in a specific way, so that our creativity always takes a form that is unique to us. Maybe this form is the written word; maybe it is visual art; maybe it is music; the potential forms are an open-ended list. Still others have fluid filters; filters that constantly change. For such, the glow may appear different each time we encounter them.

In my case, the internal glow is strong, and I am always personally aware of it. But my ability to let it pass through me is constantly changing. Sometimes the filters that are me become opaque, and the glow is cut off from the rest of the world. At other times, my filters are almost transparent, to the point that my inner glow appears so bright as to blind. Most often, the filters are someplace in between.  The exact shape of my filters are often a mystery even to me, so I don’t even know in what form the glow will appear.

The last few days, even as I tried to shape the glow into words, my filtration system seems determined to work with images instead. So once again, today’s entry for my Z to A challenge is of the visual nature. Please enjoy my glow!