Gnome Bureaucracy

Being the free spirit that I like to pretend that I am, I tend not to focus on such mundane things as calendars and clocks. The only watch I ever purposely bought and wore had an holographic image of an eye on the crystal. I had a juvenile pleasure in showing the eye whenever someone asked me the time. Despite my lack of any sense of when I am, though, I always manage to be early for appointments. Go figure!

I happen to know what year it is simply because of the pending apocalypse. Other than that I can usually determine night versus day, and occasionally might have a reasonable idea of what day it is based on such things as the Twitter announcement that it is time for another 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, which should indicate a Monday, unless the powers that be went and changed the schedule.

Which brings us to this weeks challenge, using a 100 Words including the prompt ‘Wednesday‘. I was tempted to actually wait until wednesday to do it, just cuz, but not being quite sure what day today actually is I went ahead and let the fingers do their stuff. Enjoy!

Clue knocked on the door, under the bold ‘Director of Word Design and Punctuation’ sign.

“Enter!” Clue opened the door and approached his self-important superior.

“What do you want now?” his boss said pompously.

“Are you sure about this spelling sir? A word of such importance should be easy to spell!” Clue asked, pretending meekness.

“Nonsense my young gnome! This is why you will never sit in my office. The spelling will make the word memorable! When people see it they will think it is MY day! It stays ‘Wednesday’!”

“As you wish, Director Hump.”