Have we really gotten that lazy?

It is funny how when we are younger, we never envision an older version of ourselves wandering around the world thinking (and occasionally saying) "When I was younger …", invariably said with an old person’s voice. Yet now that I am old enough to start saying "I USED to be able to do that!" I find myself frequently thinking those very words. Fortunately I don’t often go around saying it in an old person’s voice.

That’s what the blog is for!

When I was younger …

I could probably go off on all sorts of tangents now, but I will manhandle my aging mind on track and go with my original thought. I am not a huge gift giver. Not because I am cheap or don’t like giving gifts, but rather because when I give a gift I want it to mean something, and not be given out of some weird sense of obligation brought on by marketing guru’s. Since I don’t often give, I don’t often expect to receive, which is only fair. But when I do get a gift, or give it, there is a certain level of suspense created when the gift is so tightly wrapped that it takes a team of safe crackers to actually get to it. To me, one of the best parts of receiving a gift is the thrill of revealing it. The excitement building as we rip and shred that carefully bit o’ wrapping. Ideally the wrapping actually looks hand done, filling it with it a sense of love because the wrapper put some effort into encasing the gift.

At least that is how it used to be.

Now a days, whether because modernization is quickly becoming equated with "Damn Lazy" or for some aesthetic reason that I am not capable of grasping with my non-modernized brain, we no longer wrap gifts.

""We bag them.

Not only does this take away the excitement of the reveal, but it makes it actually difficult  to recognize who a gift was from … they all blend into one. When I wrapped a gift, one could look at it and say … yep, Steve gave me that. Now this is true because I have not actually mastered the art of bagging, so mine will be the only one actually wrapped!

Boy I miss the days when we had to walk to the supermarket to get a box to wrap the gift in. Barefoot. Uphill. Both ways. Carrying the gift.

Gotta love getting older!!